Remain Fit and Healthy: Cyclone Enawo at Madagascar

fit and healthy

According to disaster management agency in Madagscar more than 50,000 people were displaced due Cyclone Enawo, which has also left many injured (as of Saturday, 11 March 2017). While people affected are provided with food, water, shelter and other basic requirements, keeping them mentally and physically fit is equally critical for them to recover from this new challenge.

Following are some ideas in support of those who have lost their houses, properties, family members and faced with emotional, as well as, economic difficulties.

Be Strong and Fit

One of the most important factors that will affect your ability to survive in a post disaster situation is your own health and fitness. Having the strength to perform physical tasks for days or weeks and even for life – is crucial for your/your families’ survival and to regenerate their happiness. Adjust your day to include some activities that will enhance your fitness to restart your new journey.

Respect Emotions and Engage in Meditation

Meditation is great during times of depression or injury. While it is okay to feel frustrated, or even angry, practice meditation for your own peace of mind. All our emotions are natural and integral parts of the healing process and should be treated respectfully. To remain calm you can practice a few yoga postures and nurture your mind-body connection.

Eat and Drink Healthy

Try to think that this period of difficulty is temporary, and at some point you will be back to your usual life – may be you are waiting for a better future. Eating healthy foods and staying hydrated with safe water is essential to keep yourselves fit and energetic. If you are on medication for any reason – take proper care of the injured parts of your body.


Be Active and Get Involved

Get involved with physical activities. You can support the disaster management team in distribution of the supplies. Help the affected community in building temporary shelter homes. Create a security group and manage duty to ensure safety to the displaced, specially children and women. However, there is no need to force yourself, if you are not yet mentally prepared. Do whatever is needed to make you feel better and get engaged.


Revisit Yourself

Disruption of the normal course of life and unexpected financial loses can be annoying in a post disaster situation. It is important to have strength to accept the unavoidable consequences (eg. losses, injury, displacement etc.) of such natural disaster. Being grateful for what we have is reasonably beneficial to recover from the primary shock.

Remain Motivated and Relaxed

Instead of continuously listening to the disaster updates, listen to music or take part in creative activities (like crafting, art, design etc.) and encourage others, specially children. This mind shift is helpful for positive motivation and relaxation.

Above all, maintaining a positive outlook throughout your recovery is important. Moving forward with life’s lessons can be enjoyable, even when they are painful – it is also a part of our journey.


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