10 Best Ways To Overcome Your Depression

depression management techniques
10 Best Ever Depression Management Techniques

In today’s world of busy life, depression is a common mental health problem. It is a leading cause of disability in the US and worldwide, that needs to be dealt with much seriousness.

The 10 Best-Ever Depression Management Techniques: Understanding How Your Brain Makes You Depressed and What You Can Do to Change It written by Margaret Wehrenberg, PsyD is a handbook to understand, manage and conquer depression.

Throughout the book Wehrenberg emphasizes the seriousness of depression and provides step by step instructions on how to get oneself out of depression. The book offers some methods for self-help and  is found very useful to people suffering from depression.

It is full of useful information on how certain methods can be applied to recover from this illness and prevent you from falling back into it. Management techniques that you can learn from the book will change thinking and behavior if applied and help you move out of depression.

While the book provides helpful ideas on what can be done to combat depression, it also explains how our physical brain affects the emotions and causes depression. In the book, Wehrenberg skillfully describes what happens in the brain of a depressed person and what specific techniques can be used to change the brain activity and control the negative symptoms.

At the very outset in this handbook, she uses authentic research outcomes in a very simple way, and presents data that show the effect of depression on the Americans. She also provides information on existing treatment options, treating a depressed person with medication, and has emphasized on the effectiveness of medication combined with psychotherapy.

The 10 Best-Ever Depression Management Techniques is a reader friendly book divided into various small sections and provides concrete tips for recovery. The techniques presented in the book include step by step instructions explaining what needs to be accomplished to recover.

It suggests to first identify the triggers and apply one technique at a time to address the lack of motivation and detachment from daily life resulting from depression. Most of the techniques in the book would definitely benefit a person with depression if carried out. 

The book presents 10 most effective strategies for moving from laziness into action, and gain freedom from depression to find a joyful life. While introducing the concept of 10 techniques to manage depression, the author advises starting with the techniques that match the patient’s most severe symptoms, and progressing from there. 

Wehrenberg also mentions that these techniques are easy to implement.

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The author also covers the symptoms like isolation, lack of ability to priorities and destructive behavior of the patient, as well as, combating this cycle with strategies of connectedness. 

At the end of the book the author provides inspiration to develop positive attitudes and focuses on how to appreciate all of the wonderful experiences, and live fully embracing all that happens. She helps the patients eliminate self-blame and guilt for their condition, and progress with life changing behavior in order to feel better.

The book concludes with Appendices that include a number of worksheets, charts, graphs and questionnaires to guide both patients and therapists in dealing with depression as well as a list of books and resources for further reading.

Sandra L. Phinney, one of the users of the book reviewed the book with 5 stars. See what she said:

10 depression management techniques

The content of the book is very useful for people living with depression, the psychiatrists, the care givers, and also for those who want to learn more about depression.

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She has also produced CDs for relaxation and breathing exercises for anxiety management.

Margaret Wehrenberg, Psy.D. has years of experience as a certified drug and alcoholism counselor. She is specialized in treating anxiety and depression.

In The 10 Best-Ever Depression Management Techniques the author shares life changing, and self-motivating techniques that will benefit anyone who suffers from mild to severe depression and is looking for an easy-to-follow path out of the darkness.