10 Minute Rebounder Workout Can Change Your Life | Rebounding For Weight Loss Testimonials

10 minute rebounder workout

Despite your ongoing routine exercises, are you serious to start at least a 10 minute rebounder workout daily? Have you checked rebounding for weight loss testimonials below?


You have chosen the right path. If you’re looking for a fun and effective way to fit exercise into your life, you may like to consider trampoline exercise.

“Rebounding is the closest thing to the fountain of youth that science has found”, says James R. White, in his book Jump for Joy.

In present days, rebounding is widely used in sports training and gymnastics. Because of its low impact on joints it is an excellent and popular training medium for many athletic activities including running, jogging, skiing, and rehabilitation programs. The benefits of working out on a mini trampoline has been discussed in detail in another article. The rebounder workout benefits include most of the common goals for fitness, such as :

  • Strengthens the heart
  • Improves coordination, balance and posture
  • Builds muscular strength
  • Eliminates toxins from the body
  • Stimulates the metabolism
  • Reduces hard impact on joints
  • Reduces stress and tension
  • Burns calories and fat
  • Helps lose weight
  • Enhances your body’s immune system

So have fun, unleash the kid in you and burn your stubborn fat, calories and lose weight on a mini trampoline.

Daily 10 Minute Rebounder Workout Can Change Your Life

Rebounder or mini trampoline workout is a joyful way to attain a full-body exercise that improves your abdomen, thigh and leg muscles, tones your body, strengthens your bones and helps burn your extra calories.

According to recent statistics and data – 10 minutes on a trampoline can be the equivalent of 30 minutes on a treadmill, and have 40% less impact on your joints while hitting more muscle groups and improving balance.

Bouncing up and down on a mini-trampoline not only fulfills your goal for weight loss, cardio or reduction of fat. It makes your daily workout more interesting, when compared with running, jogging or treadmill.


How Long Does It Take To See Results From Rebounding?

There is no short cut answer to this question. It will depend on your exercise level and intensity. However, on an average, people have observed positive effects soon after they start bouncing, even in less than a month, when engaged with an aggressive plan. For the moderate intensity, you may start getting results between 2 weeks to 2 months, based on your exercise practices and your physical condition. But the interesting part is – once you start trampolining, you are likely not to give up the routine, because of its low impact and the fun associated with jumping.


Daily 10 Minute Fast And Fun Rebounder Workout At Home

Below is a short video of 10 minute rebounder workout a very well designed and enjoyable workout/exercise program for people off all ages and abilities. You may like to follow the steps used in the video ‘Keep On Rebounding’ at home at your own pace or join any rebounding experts out in your nearby gym or trampoline park to tone your body and achieve your fitness goals.



Check out how to do a great 10 minute trampoline workout here (credit to Holly Anderson and Darren Carter) You may practice the levels that suit your abilities and physical condition. If you are confident and physically fit, you can perform the entire cycle from from beginners to advanced intensity levels. Follow your own pace and the level of intensity that is safe and comfortable for you, without hurting yourself.

Remember to use a good quality trampoline and be sure that you are stable on it. And of course, it is important to consult a physician before beginning any exercise routine, specially if you have any physical limitation causing from serious injury, bone fracture, or have recently gone through any surgical procedure.


How Many Calories Will You Burn from Trampoline Workouts?

Well, the amount of calories you will burn depends on a few factors including your current weight, length of your workout session and the intensity of the exercise.

It is widely estimated that during a 10 minute basic, low-intensity trampoline exercise session, a 135 pound person can burn about 50 calories, while a 150 pound person burns about 60 calories. So plan and devise your rebounder workout in a way that helps to reach your daily or weekly fitness goals. [To lose 1 pound of fat, you need to reduce approximately 3,500 calories.]


6 Popular Trampoline Exercises

Following is a list of six different trampoline exercise ideas. You can do them all together at one time, combine the exercises according to your preference or choose only a couple of them to incorporate into your workout routine.


rebounding for weight loss testimonials


Points to remember to get the best rebounder workout results:

  • Every time, get started with gentle bouncing to warm up.
  • When you are comfortable with your bounce, add a higher knee to increase intensity. Keep your core tight and don’t forget to breathe.
  • Take a break for at least 10 seconds between every workout.
  • Finish your workout with slow bouncing on the flexible surface of the trampoline.
  • Increase the time as you get more advanced.
  • Repeat the workouts as many times you wish or according to your ability.


Also while doing the exercises or aerobics on a trampoline remember to –

  • Your knees are bent and not locked
  • Your feet are width apart
  • Your head in line with your spine
  • Don’t bend your head forward, backward or to the side
  • If you need to turn your head, stop jumping first
  • Brace your core and get started


Special Tips for the Beginners on a trampoline:

  • Rebounders, or mini trampolines, can be used almost anywhere indoors or outdoors.
  • Remember to start slow with small jumps, and make sure you get used to the rebounder before you increase to bigger jumps.
  • As beginner your feet may not even leave the surface of the trampoline.
  • You can include some traditional exercise such as aerobics, various body movements, dances or jumping jacks to get yourself amused.
  • Rebounding is a great low-impact exercise and it’s fun.
  • For a simple fat-burning workout, walk in place on the trampoline for 1 minute, lightly bounce for 4 minutes, jog in place for 3 minutes, lightly bounce for 1 minute and walk in place for 1 minute, which adds up to a 10-minute session. Repeat this cycle two more times during the day.
  • Choose a rebounder that has a safety rail if you feel off balance or are new to fitness. You can still get an effective workout while holding on to the rail.
  • Wear athletic shoes while jumping to provide support for your feet and ankles.


However, while the beginners are advised to start on a mini trampoline with a simple, zero-hop bounce, the hardcore exercisers can easily put themselves through by cycling, tuck jumps, high knees, jumping jacks, 180-degree jumps, and more on a trampoline.


Rebounding For Weight Loss Testimonials

It might be inspiring to look into the rebounding testimonials provided by those who have experienced health benefit from trampolining.

rebounding testimonials


If you are a beginner, you may start with daily 10 minute rebounding workoutsAs you get stronger and able to do more – add more time to each section or complete an entire cycle and then repeat the same for a second or third time. Gradually you can increase your time to 30 or 40 minutes and add greater intensity depending on your ability, your health and fitness level.

To get the best results and burn more calories on a trampoline, you will need to increase the intensity by jumping higher, running and jogging in place or engaging your arms. If it does not suit you, take it easy with 10 minute rebounder workout at least once in the morning and repeat the session twice or three times in the evening, at your comfort and convenience, which will still bring positive results to your body and your life, as you may find in the rebounding for weight loss testimonials.

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