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Dear Viewers,

We are glad to be able to publish guest’s articles or stories on any issues related to health and fitness. This may include topics ranging from physical exercise, meditation, wellness, children’s health, daily fitness tips, healthy diets, sports activities, healthy lifestyle or anything that may relate to physical and spiritual well-being.

You are welcome to express your thoughts and ideas in the form of article (text content), images, creative arts, drawings, illustration, animation, GIFs, infographic, real life video clips, photography, interviews, podcasts or a combination of some of these expressions. However, while writing request you to consider the following points:

1. Text: Your article should be unique. Length of the article should be between 500 to 2500 words. Please give a proper title to your article.

2. Images: You may send images, creative arts/drawings, or graphics for your articles/essays with proper credits. If you like to express your ideas/essay only through images, infographic, creative arts or drawings, please feel free to send them along with your story line.

3. Audio and Video: You may send audio or video for your articles/essays with proper credits. However, the best is to publish a unique audio or video along with your article. If your story is only a video documentary or a podcast (e.g. an interview, or a project), please send it together with proper audio files.

4. Final Version: You are expected to send the final version of your contents. However, minor editorial support can be provided in special cases, in consultation with you.

5. Publication of Name: Please let us know, if you like your name to be published under author’s name. If yes, please confirm exactly how it should appear (e.g. the spelling or tittle of your name, any surname etc.).

6. If you are interested to take this opportunity, please send your content to the email address: support@setfitnessgoals.com when you are prepared. In case of difficulty to send the attachments, please let us know, so that we can work on it.

7. Please also send your (a) name, (b) address & phone number, and (c) email address when you contact us.

We will get back to you as soon as we receive your content and prior to it’s publication.

Thank you for your interest to write on our blogsite. Please feel free to send us any suggestion you may have in this regard. We also welcome your feedback on the topics and issues we should cover in the site.

All best wishes

From the Editor healthy lifestyle