Walking is Great for Your Fitness

Walking builds the foundation for your healthy lifestyle

Many of us do not understand the benefit of walking. Walking makes you strong, helps to maintain fitness of your body, keeps your heart healthy, and increases your stamina. Your simple steps can bring you tremendous outcomes. You do not necessarily need a gym, an aerobics class, or equipment to achieve your fitness goals.

Walking is never harmful

Walking is considered as the most complete form of exercise. It provides a total cardio workout and keeps your joints healthy. Walking is never harmful – even heart surgery patients can walk to recover their health. Walking supports to connect with your friends or connect with yourself.

Develop your walking plan

Step 1: 15 Minutes of Easy Walking Everyday for 2 Weeks

Consider a walking routine while you set fitness goals. You can always start small, which you can accomplish very easily. For instance, fifteen minutes walk daily. Walk the length of your front yard or street daily for two weeks. No need to worry about speed or even the style of your walking at this stage. Just fifteen minutes of easy walking, every day for two weeks, around the same time. Try to establish the habit first. You can start improving on time, speed, and style later.

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Once you start walking everyday, even for a small block, you will begin to notice how good you feel. It’s wonderful to be outside doing something simple just for yourself. Even this small amount of exercise makes you feel great and fresh. The fact is that once you start walking, you will naturally like to walk farther and faster to improve your results. So, it is fine to start small. You will be amazed with what happens next.

fitness walk Wear a comfortable pair of shoes that have plenty of cushioning in the heel to give your feet the necessary support and comfort. Although there are lots of fun things you can buy to make walking even more fun, a good pair of shoes will do. There are tennis shoes designed just for walking. These shoes can make walking even more enjoyable by providing support to protect your feet and joints.

Step 2: Add another 10 or 15 minutes After 2 weeks

At the end of two weeks, begin to add time to your walking schedule. Walk for ten minutes then turn around and walk another ten minutes. You can change your walking routes if you like. Walking in a nice mountain trail, in nature, by the side of a lake, along the beach could be refreshing, peaceful and enjoyable. This variation can keep it interesting. However, if what you are doing is fine with you then stick to it. Some people like the comfort of same walking route and others need variety. Some people prefer the known places, while others like to explore. The point is to do what works best for you.

Similarly, you can walk alone if you need time to unwind your mind and let your thoughts roam freely. On the contrary, you can also find a walking buddy or group and enjoy the company of others while you walk. Some say that a walking buddy or group will keep you on track when motivation wanes. However, it is found that walking becomes an addictive activity and can be enjoyed in different ways by different people. It is better that, you follow what you think is better for you.

Step 3: For More Effective Results Improve Your Walking Style After 1 Month 

Form and Once you have been walking for a month begin to improve your speed and form. Notice how you are walking. Walk with your eyes forward not staring at the ground, and begin pumping your arms. healthy lifeThese small improvements will improve the cardio workout and engage more of your muscles. As you start to improve your speed, take smaller and faster steps, rather than wider steps.

Wider steps can cause shin splints that are extremely painful. Vary your stride as you improve. First, walk fast with short, quick strides for five minutes, the slow your stride for five minutes. This can improve the fat burning results.

Important Tips

  • Feel free to listen to music or books on CD while you walk. Music has been proven to improve the length and speed of your walk. It is an additional pleasure that can add joy to your walking time.
  • Take a water bottle with you. Hydration is extremely important during the walk. There are devices that allow you to attach your water bottle with your belt. Alternatively you just arrange to carry it when you walk.

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Final Words

Remember not to stop walking, even when you have gone for an official trip, a vacation, or on a sabbatical leave. You might also be away to write a book, develop a computer software or carry out a laboratory research. Your feet are always with you – wherever you are – at home, at work, or on vacation.

Do not give up your walking. It will bring amazing results to maintain your health and fitness.

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