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best trampoline for adults

Trampolines are a great way to overcome your fitness challenges and improve your physical strength. They also bring a significant benefit to stress, depression and spiritual well-being. Everyday many health conscious people are searching online to choose the best trampoline for adults that suit their requirements.

As trampolines come with varied shapes, sizes and features, it requires a lot of time to find the best fit for you. This article is developed to provide a list of selected best adult trampolines for the trampoline lovers, based on 100 plus hours of research and analysis.

How to Choose the Best Trampoline for Adults

Though trampoline has long been used in athletic and gymnastics training, it gained more popularity after it became part of the Olympic Games in 2000. Since then manufacturers have been producing it in varied designs, and shapes in order to make it more users friendly, along with innovative features that allow greater workouts and more fun.

At modern time, low impact trampoline is considered as one of the best exercises, which can be carried out by anyone – inside the living room or in the backyard. The benefit of trampoline has been discussed in detail in another article.

However, trampoline exercise doesn’t only refer to just jumping. You can also incorporate various workouts and extensive aerobic activities while you are on a trampoline.

And take it to your next levels.


The Best Adult Trampoline – Our Selection

With the growing popularity of trampoline, the manufacturers are producing many different designs with innovative features to make it more stable and safe. However, those crafted for heavier jumping are the best trampolines for adults. They allow adults to experience the health benefits and enjoyment at the same time. With an abundance of options on the market, it’s important to know what to look for when searching for a trampoline that meets your requirements.

After many hours of study and analysis of various features, as well as, pros and cons of a wide range of trampolines, we have made a list of best trampolines for adults. You may have a look at our top listed models and styles, to choose the one which suits you most.

Skywalker Trampoline – 15ft Round


best trampoline for adults

The Skywalker 15 Feet Round Trampoline is an affordable trampoline adults can use. It is a strong trampoline, extremely safe and is extra sturdy. The trampoline comes with its own safety enclosed net and spring pads. This trampoline patented no-gap enclosure system, an innovative technology that keeps users safe by bringing the net and the jump mat together. A basketball hoop is available with the trampoline, for an entire family to spend joyful hours.

This trampoline has a dual closure system padded with foam, which includes a zipper as well as a latch clip to ensure the safety of the users.  The frame and springs of this trampoline is made of galvanized steel, providing exceptional durability and rust-resistance. This trampoline can hold up to 4-5 people on it at once.

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced and top rated trampoline with numerous safety features this round 15ft Skywalker is a great option. Its amazing price point, along with safety and durability makes it a great choice for any trampoline enthusiast.


  • Patented no-gap enclosure system
  • Jump mat fabricated with heavy-duty UV protected polypropylene
  • Trampoline meets ASTM safety standards
  • Reinforced t-bracket construction provides greater structural stability
  • Breakaway basketball hoop
  • Durable – protected even in a wind storm or heavy thunderstorm.
  • Anchors to hold down the trampoline will make it almost impossible to move.
  • Backyard


  • Skywalker ladder sold separately
  • Velcro that holds the basketball hoop up isn’t very strong
  • the setup can be challenging

Zupapa – TUV Approved Trampoline – 15ft Round



Zupapa TUV Approved Trampoline – available in a variety of sizes, including 12 ft, 14 ft and 15 ft. As it is an outdoor trampoline. It comes with high-quality polyethylene material enclosure net, and padded pole-sleeves for best trampolines for adultsadded protection.

The frame of this trampoline is made from rust resistant and galvanized steel. The springs are durable and long-lasting. Zupapa has a maximum weight capacity of 375 pounds for the 15ft design. 12ft design can hold up to 330 pounds which is higher than any average trampoline.

It includes all of the necessary parts in the standard purchase price., It comes with a thick jump pad, a ladder and a rain cover, to address the extreme weather,. It is easy to assemble.

If you’re looking for a reasonably-priced trampoline with great safety features, and a higher than usual weight capacity, Zupapa TUV Approved Trampoline with Enclosure Net is your best workout friend.



  • Available in various sizes – 15ft, 14ft and 12 ft
  • TUV certified and approved
  • Can handle multiple jumpers
  • Minimum weight capacity higher than common trampolines
  • Galvanized steel frame with UV coating prevent rusting and makes it durable
  • High-quality polyethylene material enclosure
  • rust resistant springs provide better and higher bounce
  • The jump pad is made with PVC material and is fully foamed
  • The Zupapa comes with warranty for all its parts and replaced part will be shipped free of charge
  • Standard purchase includes a ladder and rain cover without any additional charge
  • Great customer service



  • The net is difficult to see through.
  • This trampoline has the net outside
  • Outdoor use only

Stamina InTone Jogger – 55 inch Oval



The Stamina InTone Oval Jogger is a great fitness machine for any trampoline enthusiast who loves a full body workout. The oval shape rebounding surface provides more space and stability, best size trampoline for adultswhile also allowing you more space when it comes to exercises.

The handlebar makes it easier and safer to use, providing extra comfort, while the blue border around the mat itself ensures the users stay inside the springs. The electronic fitness monitor will track the number of jumps you make per minute as well as, the total number of jumps, total workout time and the calories burned.

A workout DVD is also provided, giving directions for effective workouts. It has a weight limit of 250 pounds. The Stamina InTone Oval Jogger is a great way to add a variety of exercises to high-impact aerobic routine.

This could be the best value trampoline for adults which comes with high quality materials and necessary protection.



  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with workout DVD by experienced fitness instructor.
  • Has fitness monitor built-in
  • Plenty of space for exercise
  • Great impact absorbing jogging surface



  • May not fold well
  • Fitness monitor may not always be accurate

SportPlus Fitness Trampoline



best indoor trampoline for adults

The SportPlus Fitness Trampoline with bar is a small size trampoline that can provides your ultimate cardio work out from the comfort of your living room round the year.

Yo can watch your favorite shows or movies while you burn hundreds of calories an hour while jumping on this silent trampoline. Instead of springs, this trampoline uses 36 bungee ropes for the ultimate workout.

The trampoline can hold up to 286 pounds and it has a removable handlebar that can be adjusted to suit the height of any jumper. The trampoline bed is non-slip, allowing to exercise in barefoot (if you prefer), and the rubber grommets installed on the footing, which makes it much easier on your joints.

If you like a trampoline that is based on bungee ropes, that allows for barefoot exercising and doesn’t make a sound – the SportPlus Fitness Trampoline with Bar is your perfect choice.



  • Available in 3 colors
  • Silent
  • Safety tested Bungee cords for added bounce
  • Handlebar included


  • Difficult to assemble

AlleyOOP VariableBounce Trampoline – 14ft Round



This is another high quality trampoline for adults with its unique VariableBounce technology that provides exceptional shock absorption and greater return bounce.

best outdoor trampoline for adult

The trampoline has galvanized steel frame, 96 extra stretch high performance springs and Permatron jumping mat, giving it a long lasting performance. Jumping on this trampoline is not only less stressful on your joints and ankles, but you also get an extra bouncy style.

It is a trampoline with a high weight limit and you can have hours of fun on it. It is one of the strongest trampolines on the market and an excellent value due to all the benefits it offers.

If you’re looking for a high tech, high quality trampoline with extensive safety features and beautiful design, the AlleyOOP 14ft trampoline is your perfect choice.



  • Patented VariableBounce technology, provide a safer landing and higher bounce
  • Made of high quality products to withstand the toughest weather conditions
  • Permatron jumping mat that includes a UV shield, as well as, multiple rows of stitching
  • Deep forest green powder coating, providing a beautiful and durable product
  • Easy installation safety net
  • Strong and safe enclosure system
  • Springs connected with steel rings and high-strength loop straps



  • Price higher than some of the other trampolines on our list
  • Enclosure netting might take some time to attach properly

Vuly 2 Trampoline – 12ft Round


best adult trampolines


The Vuly 2 Thunder encompasses an enclosure and provides acute safety to both adults and children. The safety net of this model is designed in a way that absorbs the maximum shocks of the bounce and creates safe landing on the mat.

The patented leaf strings used in this model offer superior bounces as compared to the traditional coil springs. This particular model is a 12.5 feet diameter heavy duty trampoline.

It is very durable and considered to be one of the safest and sturdiest trampolines on the market.



  • Free of bolts and nuts and consists of only 6 parts for assembly.
  • ​ It has 3 different sizes- medium, large and extra-large so that the users can choose according to their needs.
  • Easy Assembly



  • The poles and joiners underneath may be susceptible to rust and corrosion


Check here to find more about Vuly 2 trampoline.

Springfree Smart Trampoline – 11ft and 13ft Square



Springfree 11ft and 13ft trampolines are the most innovative, unique and said to be world first smart trampolines. Springfree claims that their springless technology provides safer jump compared to traditional trampolines.

best adult trampoline

They create their products with a FlexiNet enclosure, which is a soft-touch knit that is tear-resistant and has UV protection twice of the industry standard.

It includes the SoftEdge jumping mat made of a tough geo-textile fabric which can absorb 30 times more impact than a normal padding. Springfree’s mat and net rods are made of a composite material that’s three time stronger than steel.

The trampoline gives a superior and more consistent bounce. Since this trampoline has no springs the trampoline is incredibly quiet. Obviously, it is a heavy duty trampoline, which most adults would love to possess.

If you are looking for a trampoline for advance level aerobic activities, this trampoline is a great option for you. When you buy a SpringFree you know, you are getting the absolute best.



  • The only brand of springless trampolines on the market
  • World first smart trampoline
  • Patented safety design built with high-quality materials
  • Jumper max weight of 220 pounds and structural max weight of 1100 pounds
  • Double powder coated galvanized steel frames
  • Basketball hoop and ladder included in the purchase price



  • assembly of this trampoline takes longer than usual
  • Higher price point than some of the other trampolines on our list

Acon Air Trampoline – 15ft Round



Acon Air 15ft adult trampoline comes with thicker galvanized poles, heavy duty springs and 6 times cross sewed polypropylene UV treated mat. Extreme weather resistant Acon Air is one of the most popular choices for heavy adult trampolinesduty trampoline.

Because of its size, it provides enough room for jumping along with aerobics and other exercise workouts. The trampoline features a strong enclosure, with 300lb weight limit. It is safe, comfortable and suitable for both  adults, teenagers and kids.

The parts are weather resistant and this trampoline will last you for many years. It will allow for hours and hours of fun and is well worth the investment.

Manufactured in Finland, Acon Air trampolines is one of the heaviest in the market and has the weight limit of about 800 pounds. This trampoline can easily accommodate four medium weight adults and a great one for families with teenage kids.

If you’re looking for a sturdy trampoline with a 5 year warranty on the frame this is the trampoline for you​. Read more detailed review here.



  • No single-user weight restriction.
  • The frame is galvanized thoroughly to provide protection against rust and corrosion.
  • The mat is designed using UV treated polypropylene and cross sewed for extra protection.
  • Height – 36 inches
  • The trampoline weigh about 300 lbs when assembled.
  • The metallic pipes used encompass a diameter of 2 inches
  • Spring pulling tool would employ minimum effort



  • Does not include a ladder

ExacMe 6W Legs Trampoline – 16ft Round


Exacme Round – 16ft trampoline has made its mark on our top list because of its weight capacity. While most trampolines have a maximum weight of around 250 pounds, this one comes with a weight capacity of 375 pounds.

At the same time it is extremely sturdy and durable. It comes with an enclosure net and safety pad that provide better protection for the user. This trampoline has been TUV certified, GST testing approved, and UV testing approved.

The trampoline has a rust-resistant galvanized steel frame and springs that gives it a longer life. It also provides a heavy duty galvanized ladder with slip resistant rungs to protect both children and adults from injury at the time of going in and coming out of the trampoline.

Further, it contains other high quality materials like sturdy straps, ropes and 6W- shaped legs to keep jumpers safe inside. These 6W-shaped legs have 12 balanced contact points, providing a more stable and safe jumping experience. This trampoline is known to withstand extreme weather conditions and could be the best of your picks.



  • Weight capacity of 375 pounds
  • Enclosure Net available
  • Multiple jumpers can use it all at one time
  • Durable and sturdy- rust-resistant galvanized steel frame ensures longer life and better sturdiness
  • The padding of the safety enclosure all around the springs reduces the chance of injury
  • Exacme 6W-shaped legs with 12 balanced contact points hold the setup firmly even in extreme weather conditions
  • TUV Certified, and GST/UV testing approved
  • Heavy duty galvanized ladder included
  • Affordable



  • No accessories included
  • Short warranty period
  • Outdoor use only

Kidwise Magic Circle Trampoline – 16ft Octagon




adult trampoline

Kidwise Magic Circle Octagon trampoline is huge, which provides a fun and exciting bouncing surface. It is one of the best specifically made for adults.

The legs are attached to the poles of safety enclosure for better support and protection. With its 112 tapered springs it provides wonderful bouncing experience.

This trampoline has a 450 pound weight limit, one of the highest weight capacities in the trampoline industry. This product is one of the top rated and could be your best


This trampoline is built with galvanized steel frame and UV-protected pad, which guarantees its durability.


It is specifically made for outdoor use and has a 10-years warranty. Jumping, jogging, and aerobic movements have never been better with the space and quality that this brand provides.​



  • Large jumping surface
  • Weight capacity – 450 pound
  • Easy assembly and set up
  • Durable – galvanized steel frame with UV coating prevent rusting
  • It has 112 springs that provide better and higher bounce



  • No tools included to help with assembly
  • No safety enclosure


Final Words

With the vast choices and specifications available now a days, finding the best trampoline for adults is not difficult. Any of the trampolines listed above should be a great choice for you!

Finding the right trampoline depends a lot on your workout plans and what you hope to gain. When picking an adult trampoline, you must keep in mind the simple factors like your weigh, the number of people will be jumping at the same time, and the place where you will set it up.

Check here – to find how to workout on a trampoline for weight loss, cardio workout, or burning fat.

Browse through the reviews from above and select the best trampoline for adults that suits you most.

Have fun and stay safe!



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